Monday, April 16, 2012


As we approach the deadline to file tax returns on Tuesday, the Wisconsin office of the Internal Revenue Service provided tips to prevent taxpayers from making common mistakes that can hinder the processing of returns.
The IRS advises taxpayers to submit their returns electronically either through e-file or IRS Free File. Use of the online forms drastically reduces errors because software does the calculations, catches common mistakes and prompts taxpayers for missing information.
Some other suggestions:
If you are using a paper form, make sure to mail it to the correct address. Paper filers should check where to file by visiting or following instructions on the form.
When figuring tax using the tax tables, filers should be sure to use the correct column for the filing status claimed.
Fill in all requested information clearly. Make sure everything is easy to read.
By Tuesday if you are unable to pay your tax, all you`ll have to do is to request for a filing extension. This will prevent you from falling under the heavy hammer of late penalties.

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