Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day

Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of the Planet Earth which comes up on April 22nd. Apart from the fact that it is a time celebrate the beauty of this planet, it`s also a period when crucial legislative and social changes came about.
Certain sacred spots with breathtaking monuments often referred to as the 7 wonders of the natural world have been earmarked. The 7 natural wonders according to Cable News Network(CNN) include : the Grand Cayon, the Great Barrier Reef, the Harbor of Rio De Janeiro, Mount Everest, Aurora, Paricutin Volcano, and Victoria Falls.
But sad enough, we are gradually losing those natural artefacts which have made this planet earth beautiful place to live. For example, a report was released by the Australian Government in 2009 about various threats facing the Great Barrier Reef. Other wonders of the natural world that could be facing danger as highlited by the CNN include : the Tahuamanu Rainforest, Madagascar Forests, and the Congo River Basin.

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