Monday, April 16, 2012


Red Sox Manager, Bobby Valentine has questioned the level of commitment displayed by Kevin Youkilis and apologized to his third baseman. But, Youkilis` teammates have come to his defense on Monday.
During an interview aired Sunday night on WHDH-TV, Valentine said he didn't think Youkilis was "as physically or emotionally into the game."

That drew a sharp response from Dustin Pedroia before Monday's 1-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

"I know he plays as hard as anybody I've ever seen in my life. I have his back and his teammates have his back," the second baseman said.

After the game, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez also supported his teammate.

"All you can do is tell Youk we love him. All it says is we have each others' backs," he said. "We're pulling for each other on the field and in the clubhouse. We've got a strong bond."

On Monday morning, Valentine said he apologized when Youkilis came into his office and asked for an explanation.

He said he talked to the manager about his comments on Monday but gave no details. Youkilis said his passion for the game has not changed.

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